André Baard

What are you Building?

Among all the great existential level questions we can ask ourselves, like ‘Who am I?’, ‘Why?’ … the one that is under represented among the great questions is ‘What am I building?’

It is question that invades all our safe presuppositions. Honestly considering what you are building is a reality test. The question is not what should you be building or must be building, it is … what you are building? It forces one to think about why we are building what we are building and it is a helpful way to audit our work life. Because everyone is building something, even those that destroy are building toward chaos.

Jesus said He will build the church, so we know that He builds the church. Are we building our brand of church or the church? Are we building an empire of our own name and fame or are we building the kingdom? Are we building religious buildings? Are we building financial security? Are we building our family? Are we building a network? Are we building our legacy? Are we building a team? Who are we building up?

We are born in the image of the Creator, so creating things is in our DNA. We need to build various things but what did Jesus invest his best years and time into? Jesus built on His relationship with His Father and with His disciples. We need to build up the saints. We need to build up the faith of the saints. In all our building let us not lose sight of the most important building activity: building up people that are being built into a spiritual house of the Lord.

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