André Baard

Unrequited Agape

The Jesus gospel will be preached to every creature,
But not every creature will obey the gospel.

The Holy Spirit will be poured out on all flesh,
But not all flesh will receive the Holy Spirit.

All things are going to be renewed,
But first all things must burn with fire.

In quietness and in trust shall be our strength,
But not all are willing to give up control.

In returning and rest we are saved,
But not all are willing to enter His rest.

Whomsoever believes in Him will be saved,
But not all believe.

In this is the tragedy of the human condition:
God creates, but sin destroys.
God recreates, but not all accept the New Creation.

In this is the glory of God:
God loves us deeply while we are sinners.
God offers His Son-Saviour, yet not all accept Jesus.

The Father loves all His humanity:
But not all will return His love.
Unrequited love is the most painful love? Yet He keeps on loving.

Oh, how He loves us!
Oh, how He loves us!
Oh, may we love as He does!

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