André Baard

Cinderella and her Two Ugly Sisters

There are always two ugly sisters in any Cinderella story. They are Ms. Comfort and Ms. Convenience. Their controlling mother can only be Mrs. Pride.

Ms. Comfort is always seeking, well, comfort and softness and feather beds and feather pillows. She seeks to be spoken to in comforting words in her comfortable soft seat, eating her sugary comfort-food, always while in her comfort-zone – the TV room.

Ms. Cinderella is the opposite, living in a dingy uncomfortable back room. Her hardships, caused by her two ugly sisters, is what make her more beautiful. All the scrubbing floors gives her model-like-ripped-arms, the rigours of her burdensome domestic work regime has gifted her a strong can-do-attitude.

The Cinderella-you-Want-to-Be has another ugly sister, Ms. Convenience. She does not like to move a finger, she wants Cindi to make her life so super convenient that she does not even stir her tea without Cindi doing it. I mean, why should she do what the servant can do?

And with every outsourced chore Ms. Convenience grows weaker and more incompetent. She will not do a thing unless its easy and convenient, right there, super available and all. She is too important to disturb with menial tasks fit for someone beneath her to do.

One exception however, is she always energetically run’s to post box every day to receive her winnings she’s confidently expecting (she is such a believer in gambling) because of the great trust she invests in the god of chance who she knows will do all the inconvenience of work, just for her.

These two brute beasts Ms. Comfort and Ms. Convenience, will bind you up with their feather handcuffs. They will sap your destiny from you like heroin saps the potential out of an addict with each addictive hit of comfort and convenience. Slay those two beasts before they slay you!

Hard working, joyful and lithe Cinderelli

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