André Baard

Rainbows don’t Exist

We only see them when our eyes are positioned between 40-42° to suspended water vapour while the sun shines behind us.

Therefore, rainbows exist only in the eye of the beholder. This made me think of hope. Hope is a perspective on things, an attitude to a certain set of conditions. Hope is not fantasy, it is sure and solid and anchored.

Hope is seeing reality through God’s eyes. It is not the denial of reality, it is simply seeing reality through His filter, the lens of scripture and the interpretation by the Holy Spirit.

That is why position is everything. If you are not filled with hope, adjust your position until you ‘see hope’. Get your eyes into the 40-42° window and see the rainbows of peace all over! They are there. They just need you to change your position, your way of seeing. Can you see them?

I’m staying, in the centre of God’s purpose for my life, even if that means emigrating, semigrating or neither.

The Holy Nation (1 Pet 2:9), the Church of Jesus Christ in South Africa, is full of rainbows and that is why the nation of South Africa has hope.

The HOLY RAINBOW NATION exists and its salt, yeast and light is still good, just open your eyes and see.

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